Meet The CEO


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for your interest in UvoPay.

My name is Gustavo Americo Folcarelli President /CEO and founder of the UvoPay Ecosystem.

I have been in business for many years with a considerable record of success both as an entrepreneur and working for others. Since I graduated from University I have harboured the belief that there should exist and opportunity where I could profit whilst helping other people become wealthier. With the launch of the UvoPay Ecosystem I can now help others who wish to be part of this community and to benefit financially along with myself.

I have had a vision of building something that will utilize the latest technology and financial tools that already have a proven record of success and that works when individuals come together to create a community for the mutual benefit of the individual as well as the community as a whole.

Whether it be banking, shopping, work or leisure the reality is that week-by-week, year-by-year modern life is becoming more and more controlled by the Internet
Look around you and you will see that people are always connected. If they are not on their computers they will probably be on their tablets or phones and using them to take care of their daily needs.

After over a year of planning and development and with the help of my fantastic team of developers, programmers and admin staff I now firmly believe that we are ready to deliver a system and community that can benefit everyone who joins in with us.

At UvoPay we are convinced that within a very short time many online companies from a wide spectrum of industries will be accepting Uvocash Coins as one of their payment options. Our advertising campaigns will push Uvopay out to every corner of the globe and that is a promise.

Along with the UvoPay website, we also have our main Market Maker and this is where you can become involved in marketing the UvoPay ecosystem and achieve a healthy monthly income whilst doing so, as well as a passive income from the websites affiliate scheme.

We will also be introducing you to our gaming platform where you will see various incredible games where players can earn real money simply by playing and sponsoring other people. We are at the forefront of developing computer games where all the income transactions are registered on the blockchain. This in itself will generate true value to the Uvocash Coin, which is the principle currency throughout our gaming platform. By joining in with us there, you will also become part of another fantastic income generating opportunity on top of helping to increase the value of the Uvocash crypto currency which you will be storing.

With regards to myself I do not wish to bore you with a long drawn out CV but I would like to tell you a little bit about my personal qualifications and my current and previous business experience.

I was born in Toronto Canada. I spent my early years studying in Europe where I studied Accounting, Finance, Math, Science, History, and Languages. In 1981 I moved back to Ontario Canada where I attended school and completed the Advanced Program with Honours. In 1986 I enrolled at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada where I completed my first year with a Bachelor of Science Program, with Physics and Calculus being my main area of study.

From 1987-1991 I attended Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I completed the 4-year program and achieved a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Management with Honours. I specialized in Micro and Macro Economics with particular focus on the influence of public policy on various investment and labour markets, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-up, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Project and Business Management, and Statistics. I was also President of The Entrepreneurs Club, and a member of the youth wing of The Liberal Party of Canada when I was in University.

Over the years I have had many employment posts prior to going in to business. Although these were varied, they were simply the experience and preparation I needed before embarking on this new and innovative venture.

Since 2005 – Current Real Estate Management and Development, Priverno, Latina, Italy.
With this company I have been developing property on family owned property in Italy.

From 2006-2017 CEO of Frangiam Enterprises which is a market research and financial consultancy company, based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The company focussed on developing financial products and solutions for banks and financial institutions as well as raising capital for tech companies.

From 2015-Current President and CEO Globe Net Wireless Corp. a Hong Kong based company which is a mobile app developer. I saw a real opportunity in Consumer-centric industries such as restaurants, retail stores, churches, event organizers, car dealers, bars, night clubs, realtors and other small to medium sized businesses who were not using any mobile apps for marketing and sales purposes. These client companies are seeking to establish a meaningful, sales-oriented and engaging mobile-internet presence. With my sales and marketing experience I focused the company to develop Web-based systems allowing customers to create campaigns that utilize various marketing tools, including mobile coupons, SMS marketing, QR codes, mobile keywords, mobile splash pages, surveys, voting, polls, email marketing, and social media status updates. In 2016 I successfully oversaw the development and launch of a new suite of development utility, which features and integrates all that for the small to medium sized business mobile app market. Our mobile text-marketing platform currently has a global reach and is now available in 200 countries encompassing 700 international networks.

Anyway I think that is enough about me and my past experience.

We do aim to have a big social media presence so no doubt I will be in touch again when our forums and blog are up and running.

I wish you all the very best for your journey with us at UvoPay.

Thank you for visiting UVOPAY. Please look at what we will have to offer in the near future. We anticipate to go live within the next month.