Q: When can I buy Uvocash coins, do I have to wait until the live coin launch?

A: You can wait for the live launch but we are pre selling coins now to other companies and corporations who want to use Uvocash as one of their payment options.

Q: Does that mean I can buy Uvocash Coins now at a fixed rate prior to the live launch?

A: Yes you can but you will need to write to sales@uvopay.com in the first instance and we will give you instructions and further information.

Q: What is the current cost of the coins and do you have a fixed price now?

A: Yes the coin values are based on Euro rates and each coin will be sold at 0.10 cents plus 5% (0.005 cents) Buying Premium fee

Q: Is there a minimum order value for buying Uvocash Coins?

A: Yes the minimum order value is €100 plus the buying premium fee = €105

Q: If I sell my Uvocash coins back to you is there a charge?

A: No there is no charge for selling back Uvocash Coins

Q: How do I buy Uvocash coins?

A: You can buy the coins via our online order page where our shopping cart is located.

Q: Can I buy Uvocash Coins anywhere else?

A: At the present time you can only buy from us as a prelaunch order. Another option that will be available is to enrol as a member of www.uvomarketing.com and purchase coins there through your account with them.

Q: How will I pay for the coins that I purchase?

A: Our shopping cart will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Q: Will you have any other payment options like bank transfers etc?

A: Yes, we will be adding additional payment options so please keep checking back on the order page for updates. Later in the year when our bank licence is active we will be adding bank transfers as a payment option. These additional payment options will also be included in our newsletters.

Q: Will you have your own wallets for Uvocash Coins?

A: Yes our developers are working on this now so we are planning on an early release of the Uvocash wallet and IOS/Android App.

Q: Will I be able to login to Uvopay and view the Uvocash Coins that I have bought?

A: No because when you buy Uvocash Coins through our shopping cart you will need to keep a record and copy of your purchase. At some in the near future we will be adding a member login area where all users will have their own client account.

General Questions

Q: You say that you will offer Trading Robot what is a Trading Robot?

A: Apart from our trading groups who carry out manual trading on Forex and Crypto currency trading we also have Robots for auto trading.

Q: Will this be a free service you are offering?

A: No we will be selling or leasing this software and the package will include introductions to who we feel are the best brokers.

Q: What things can I trade if I have a Robot installed on a brokerage account?

A: On a normal MT4 platform our Robots will trade all main currencies as well as precious metals including Gold=XAU, Silver=XAG, Platinum=XPT and Palladium=XPD. The Crypto Robots when ready will trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple. We also plan on developing a Robot that will work on Energy trading for Oil=XTI and Natural Gas=XNG. 

Thank you for visiting UVOPAY. Please look at what we will have to offer in the near future. We anticipate to go live within the next month.