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Welcome to UvoPay a Crypto-Currency Ecosystem that has been developed by its own community for use by the whole GLOBAL community.

Back in early 2017 three groups of Internet entrepreneurs who were individually very successful in their own fields joined together as a group. The plan that came out of that group was to launch an Ecosystem that absolutely everyone can become involved in. The UvoPay system is user friendly and people with absolutely no past experience with Bitcoin or other Crypto systems can join us with confidence and know they will be looked after.

During our development period our group have had their teams working nonstop to produce all the income necessary to get to our launch date. We are proud to say that none of our development capital has been borrowed money; everything has been achieved by using our own funds and trading systems.


We are also proud to say that we had no need to go the normal route and launch an ICO and White Paper because we had no need to raise development funds via the public and institutions. We could have gone that route like many other companies have done and are doing but we didn’t and by doing everything by our own efforts we have proved to ourselves that what we are offering our members is achievable and sustainable.

Our aim now is to push on and attain maximum profitability and value of the currency used within the ecosystem on a global scale so the community as a whole will profit and grow as a direct result of our efforts.

We are continually adding to our UvoPay team and have programmers, traders, game developers, Crypto miner’s and auto robot trading developers in many countries including:

  • UK
  • India
  • USA
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Middle East
  • Africa
UvoCash Coin

Coin Development, Mining Activities and Digital Marketing.


Fully backed by our own registered banking licence.


Guaranteed minimum value of our UVOCASH coin.

UvoPay Platform

Online Platform for the purchase and redemption of our products.

UvoPay Ecosystem

The UvoPay ecosystem begins with the development of online computer games where its players can generate real crypto currency wealth using UvoCash coins, simply by playing our various games. All of the revenues generated by the games are going to be redistributed among the players.

To develop true value and usability of the crypto currency UvoCash a global payment system is created and will be administered by a fully registered and licensed bank.

This system will allow members of the ecosystem to transfer person to person, or business to business using crypto currencies and traditional fiat currencies. We will also develop our very own trading platform whereby our community will have the ability to exchange a vast range of crypto currencies.

Within our community, we have specialists who currently develop computer trading robots and these will be made available to all of our community members so that they themselves can profit from trading fiat currencies and crypto currencies with their own brokerage accounts. At a later stage we will offer bullion auto trading robots for gold and silver.

In every aspect of the ecosystem where profits are generated through gaming, payment and exchange transaction fees, sale of UvoCash coins, trading, crypto currency mining, half of these profits are deposited into the UvoPay ecosystem reserve vault and the balance is used to administer the ecosystem and develop new projects.

As our reserve vault grows so does the value of the UvoCash coin, the currency we will all be using and supporting.

The UvoPay ecosystem is a project developed and created by genuine people who truly believe that with the support of its community and by reinvesting the profits generated by that same community back into the ecosystem they support, then sustained growth can be achieved and a real value can be placed upon the currency used by the community.

Our Coin - UvoCash

Our UvoCash coin is a new digital currency that has been created on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 Token).

The currency is backed by a licensed bank and its minimum value is supported and increased by real assets held on deposit.

Our coin, UvoCash will be the only crypto coin to have a minimum value underwritten by a bank and supported by its own reserves vault which continually grows within the ecosystem. As far as we are aware no other company including Bitcoin will guarantee a minimum value with its coin.

UvoPay does and will continue to invest in various blockchain projects and up to 50% of all profits generated, is deposited in the UvoCash Reserve Vault thus creating its true value.

UvoCash does not rely purely on supply and demand principles to determine its value.

UvoCash is fully supported by the UvoPay ecosystem and profits generated by the whole ecosystem are used to secure and increase the value of UvoCash.


Our Market Makers

Our main market makers are our online games and www.uvomarketing.com which is a website that will offer its members the opportunity of making fantastic returns.

Their members can also become involved in their affiliate programme which will also produce additional incomes. The UvoMarketing website will be heavily advertised with a view to bringing global awareness to the UvoPay community and all of its benefits.

Our Vision and Aims

This is quite simple. Our aims and objectives are all aimed at making UvoPay and its Ecosystem the most profitable website in the world.

We plan on having a thriving community where every member will have the opportunity to make their daily lives easier and more comfortable. A modern community made for a modern world.

We have said that we will offer the use of Auto Trading Robots to our members in the future. When this option is available we will also suggest the best brokers to use.

We have said that our members can join UvoMarketing, Our Market Maker and have the opportunity of making a very good income.

Our future plans will include opening an Affiliate section where our members can browse a large section of affiliate deals covering all aspects of modern lifestyles from Travel to Gambling. Our aim is to have as many online companies using our UvoCash coin as a payment option on their websites.

As we know we will have a very busy website and we plan on offering premium advertising space on the site. This will bring in additional profits that will also be split with a portion going to our vault. We have already sold some advertising space and plan on having this section up and running as soon as possible.


If you like playing online games then UvoPay is the place to be because we plan to launch new games throughout the year.

Millions of people love to play games like Candy Crush, so imagine playing games of that nature that make you money. Every member of the UvoPay community will have an option to click a link and view all the games on offer.

Every game will accept UvoCash coins making it a very simple process to join and play.

We are also looking at creating a game voucher that will be linked to our shopping cart. The voucher can be purchased with UvoCash coins and redeemed on any of the game platforms.

Meet Our CEO

My name is Gustavo Americo Folcarelli President /CEO and founder of the UvoPay Ecosystem.

I have been in business for many years with a considerable record of success both as an entrepreneur and working for others. Since I graduated from University I have harboured the belief that there should exist and opportunity where I could profit whilst helping other people become wealthier. With the launch of the UvoPay Ecosystem I can now help others who wish to be part of this community and to benefit financially along with myself.

I have had a vision of building something that will utilize the latest technology and financial tools that already have a proven record of success and that works when individuals come together to create a community for the mutual benefit of the individual as well as the community as a whole.


This diagram shows the current position of our Uvopay Vault and changes with activities.

Please check back because these charts will be updated and will change as we achieve our monthly objectives.

The charts will also be changing due to Uvopay releasing more coins on a quarterly basis.

Total Value: €23,500,000

  • Pre-Allocated Coins

  • Flat Currency Shares

  • Crypto Currency Holdings

  • Investors

  • Ecosystem Assets

Distribution € Euros
Pre-Allocated Coins 65% 14,950,325
Fiat Currency Shares 22% 5,175,112.50
Crypto Currency Holdings 5.5% 1,265,027.50
Investors 5% 1,265,027.50
Ecosystem Assets 2.5% 575,012.50

Listing for external exchangers due

31 Dec 2018, 11:00:00 GMT

UVO Roadmap

How it all Started

Assemble Team: Q1-2017
Assemble core team and instigate initial crypto game development “Oakz Mining”
Merge Bullion & UVO Group: Q3-2017
Absorb Bullion trading group in to the UVO Group
Design the UvoPay Ecosystem Brand: Q4-2017
Design the UvoPay Ecosystem brand, including associated project branding
Online Banking and Software Applications: Q1-2018
Instigate Online Banking Software Development
Initialise ERC-20 Ethereum token: Q2-2018
Build and Initialize ERC-20 Ethereum token " UvoCash (Uvo)"
Establish Blockchain: Q2-2018
Establish Blockchain and instigate initial mining of UvoCash associated gaming Crypto Currencies
Release Uvo Gaming Platform: Q3 to Q4-2018
Complete and release 2nd Uvo Gaming Platform
Complete Bank Application: Q4-2018
Complete Banking Application & Launch Payment Application inc Crypto Currency Exchange and Escrow Service
UvoPay Virtual Debit Card Launches: Q4-2018
UvoPay Virtual Debit Card Goes Live
Launch Banking and Payment Applications: Q4-2018
Launch banking and launch Payment Applications including Crypto Currency Exchange and Escrow Service
UVOCASH Exchange Services Launch: Q1-2019
Addition of Uvocash Coin to external exchanger services for Q1-2019
Add Traders: Asian Markets: Q2-2017
Bring in additional traders to the group covering Asian markets
Assemble Team for Market Maker Database Development: Q3-2017
Assemble team for Market Maker database development & Construction of Mining Infrastructure
Instigate our Banking License: Q1-2018
Research and Instigate Banking License Application
UVOPAY Reserve Vault Mining: Q2-2018
Deploy UvoPay Ecosystem Reserve Vault Mining
Market Maker Pre-Launch Platform: Q2-2018
Complete and release - www.uvomarketing.com
Launch of 1st Uvopay Gaming Platform: Q3-2018
Release of the 1st game - www.oakzmining.com
Develop Software and Integration to UVO Group Systems: Q3-2018
Develop online banking software and integration to UVO Group systems
Launch 3 Games: Q4-2018 to Q1 2019
Launch of 3 Additional Games Within the UvoPay Ecosystem
Launch of Advertising Website: Q4-2018
Launch of separate Advertising website
UVOPAY Commercial Mining: Q4-2018
Commercial mining for Uvopay reserve vault
Affiliate Marketing Website and System: Q1/2-2019
Affiliate Marketing website and system for use by UVO members estimated for Q1/2 2019

How to Buy Our UVOCASH coins

Guaranteed Coin Value: €0.10
Current Price: Buy = €0.105     Sell =  €0.10
Coin: UVO
Exchange Rate: 100 UVOS = €10
Project Protocol: ERC-20

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Thank you for visiting UVOPAY. Please look at what we will have to offer in the near future. We anticipate to go live within the next month.